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There is a newer version available check it out here

MovieGate 3.0


MovieGate is a software that helps you browse and download movies, you can lookup movie information, watch trailers, with a nice and clean UI.

This project got finished in about two weeks, i had alot of fun in the process especially with the UI aspect.

In addition it was my first experience with licensing and software protection, it may be a small project but working with licensing made me feel like i was designing a software for a big corporation XD.

MovieGate has an auto update feature, it will notify the user whenever a new version is live.

If you found a bug or you wish to purchase a license contact me on one of the links on the left, or on the top if you’re on your phone. :)

If you wish to purchase this software see the License Purchase section below.

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 SP1 or later with .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed.

If you don’t have the .NET Framework package don’t worry the installer will download it automatically.

License Purchase

Lifetime license is only for $2

If you would like to purchase this software send me an email in this form to start the license generation process:

  • FullName
  • Activation ID
  • Proof of payment (Receipt or a screenshot of your payment)

Once your information has been checked you will receive your license immediately.


Download Directly


Activation ID Generator

In case you didn’t save your Activation ID:

Activation ID Generator

More features will be added in the future!

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